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How To Find My Tyre Size

Find Your Tyre Size

How do I find my tyre size?

You can find the size of your tyres on the sidewall of your tyres. Typically, it will look something like this: 205/35/R15. We have a section on helping you find the right size for your tyres here.

Please note that all values are for example only.

Please note that all values are for example only.


Tread Width - 205mm

205 - the first number in the line represents the width of the tyre treads from sidewall to sidewall.


Aspect Ratio - 55%

If a tyre has an aspect ratio of 55, that means that the tyre’s height is 55% of the width. This is calculated by measuring the height of the tyre from the rim to the top of the tyre then dividing the height by the width.


Rim Size - 16 Inches

This represents the diameter of the rim size in inches.


Load Index - 92

92, in this instance, represents the maximum load the passenger vehicle can carry. Load indexes range from 75 to 105


Speed Rating - Y

Speed ratings range from A-Z and in our example, Y, means that the tyre has been tested and remained stable at speeds up to 186mph.

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